Friday, December 5, 2008

Got Red Heart?

I, like many stittchers from the past, have collected oodles and oodles of acrylic yarn such as Red Heart. Where did it come from? WalMart, Target, Michael's, yard sales. Yes, I am guilty of swerving the corner after seeing the infamous yard sale sign posted out on the main street, just to see if they have any yarn. And yes, I have bought many a yarn from these yard sales. $.50, $.25, 5 for a $1.00. Leaving with bags of yarn, Red Heart, Home Spun, Caron. As the saying goes, one man's (or woman's) junk (yarn), is another man's (woman's) treasure (yarn). And yes, I have ended up with ton's of "less than fabulous" acrylics.

So, the other day, I had just washed and felted a couple of bags. As I was scanning the garage, searching for the perfect object to stuff into my wet felted bags, to form them as they dry, I came across two large bags of my "l.t.f.a. (less than fabulous acrylic) yarns, sitting there waiting to be donated to our "Warm Up America" blanket charity, and cancer hats. Then DING, the light balb went on. I grabbed some skeins of the l.t.f.a and stuffed them into the bags. Wow, I had just found a use for them and was so proud of myself for coming up with such a great idea to use to form my felted projects. It works great. There is plenty of air going through them even as they sit inside the wet bags, this way they will be able to dry on the inside as they dry on the outside. After the bags are done drying fully, pull out the skeins of ltfa and they will dry in no time. Put them away until the next time. Ok, now I have a question... how am I going to donate my ltfa's when now I actually have a use for them?

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Acorn to Oak said...

Isn't it funny how we all use to love that yarn but now it's just not quite good enough...most of the time. That's definitely a creative use of it! lol