Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gag Gift Triumph

Every year my family is invited to my house to celebrate our Christmas season with a White Elephant game. We bring a $10 gift to be put in the middle of the room while we all sit in a circle around the pile of gifts. We all pick a number and choose a gift accordingly in numerical order. This year however, I had two gifts. I had crocheted a ski cap for an aunt and decided to put it in the pile as a gag gift. My cousin Yvonne and I sat together on the couch, when she told me that she had number one, I thought her to be the perfect person to grab my gag gift. I, of course, having such a trustworthy face (ha ha ) coerced her into taking my gift. So, when it came to starting with number one, she got up to pick her gift. She himmed and hawed and looked over all the gifts, faking an attraction to the others and reached down and picked mine up. With a big smile, she unwrapped the pretty paper, and low and behold, the crocheted ski hat, pom pom included. She told me that her first thought was, "Oh shit!" but she played it off pretty nicely, saying how beautiful it was as she put it on, while we all rolled on the floor laughing. She even slugged me in the arm for talking her into picking my gift. However, after we all calmed down from laughing our asses off, I gave her the real gift. I knew she would love. A jewelry box with beaded embellishments over sari silk, made in India.
This was after I got slugged in the arm for making her pick my gift, but then pleasantly surprised after opening her real gift.
Russian peasant girl who lives in Siberia. The only thing keeping her warm is her ski hat, shawl and her O'Riley's white chocolate liqueur, which goes perfectly in a cup of hot coffee.

Ooooo, sexy Russian girl posing for the camera. Uh oh, getting into to the white chocolate, she's throwing out all her inhibitions.

That's it sexy Russian girl, feel the camera, be the camera, love the camera. Give me sexy eyes. That's good, now think nasty thoughts. MMMMMMMM good girl, that's the look.

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Judy said...

LeeAnn, you are so funny, You make me want to LMAO!!! I like it when you update and give me something to read!