Monday, March 30, 2009

Little Hippy Boy

Since I've been crocheting, I've had many orders from my kids of what they've wanted me to make for them. I'm constantly making things for my daughter Ashlee, so of course my son Andrew wanted me to make him something special as well. He asked me to make him a bookbag. So one day, I took Andrew to Walmart and picked some camiflage yarn. I knew that his dad wasn't going to be too happy with him carrying this crocheted bag around school so I told him that I would make an overnight bag to put his things in when he goes to his grandmother's. He was cool with it and I started working on it. It turned out like a duffle bag with a drawstring at the top and a long handle to hang over his back.
He was so proud of his sack. He wanted to take it to school one day and I let him. He put all his books in it and his jacket. He wore it on his back like he was the cool kid of the block. When we got home from school that day, his dad was home early and witnessed him with his duffle bag. He was not too happy with me and told me that he was going to get beat up one day for taking that to school.
My response to him, "Well then I guess he'll have to learn to protect himself. All he has to do is put a big rock on the bottom of it and if someone bothers him he can swing around like David and the slingshot and fling it at them. If the bullies get hit with that, they won't bother him any more."
He never took it to school again.

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Erin and Barley said...

It turned out so great! You can tell he just loves it!